about me what I'm all about

me rollerblading!
they see me rollinnn đŸ›ŧ

Hey, there! I'm Tom, a rollerblading, 80's music-loving software developer (not necessarily in that order). All my life I've been a maker, the process of creating and the satisfaction of solving problems are unmatched in my eyes. My freshman year of college I released my first app onto the Apple App Store, a puzzle game called Palette. The summer before my senior year I developed an AI to provide nutrition information about food dishes at Google. Post-college, I worked full-time at Google to make Maps on Android the best it can be.

My preferred medium of self-expression may be code, but I believe that my strengths as a developer lie in a variety of areas. For example, designing vastly different applications taught me the importance of user-centric design principles. In college, I spent my later years as a computer science tutor, which taught me how to articulate complex systems succinctly and problem solve in unfamiliar environments. And, my liberal arts education at Trinity University taught me effective communication and collaboration. I believe that all these experiences and more contribute to making me a more well-rounded software developer.

Above all else I want to make things to help people, whether it's in a large or small way.